Thursday, February 16, 2012


It turns out hand size may tell us something about men after-all.  Or at least the size of our fingers. 

The ratio between the index finger and the ring finger, often called the 2D:4D ratio, seems to provide a tell-tale indication of the precise cocktail of developmental hormones present in the womb.  Hormones, in addition to genes, affect the growth of hands and certain facial features.  Recent research indicates that boys with a low ratio between digits, with an index finger shorter than their ring finger, experienced higher levels of testosterone in the womb, while a high ratio indicates a reduced presence of in utero testosterone.  The lower the ratio the more "robust" (i.e. "masculine") the boy's face. 

While this seems to provide the perfect explanation of "gay face" (low levels of in utero testosterone), other research suggests the opposite.  An unusually high level of in utero testosterone (and a low 2D:4D ratio) has been linked to both homosexuality and left-handedness.  I, for example, am both.  Other studies suggest in utero testosterone levels also influence penis size, with more testosterone producing larger penises. 

So which is it Science?  Low testosterone and gay face or more testosterone and homos?    


  1. What a load of bullshit!

  2. Heterosexual co-workers brought this study to my attention and we qualitatively compared the 2D:4D ratios among us. I had the lowest ratio and was the only homosexual in the bunch. I am, however, right-handed so I can't provide any corroboration for that trait. There were also data where the birth order of the son had an impact on the 2D:4D ratio and the likelihood of homosexuality in adulthood. A boy born to a mother who had carried boys before him was more likely to identify as gay in adulthood than first born sons. This complicates the analysis. I am a first born so my specifics don't support the statistics on this point. As for "gay face" I think it depends on wether men with "gay face" as a group identify as homosexual. Assumptions aside, it would be interesting to see data on that point. Of course, as stated above, this could all be a load of bullshit!

  3. And what about bisexuality? Is even sexual orientation something fixed for everyone? I believe it is not. I doubt there is a clear physical mark for homosexuality, not even at gene or hormonal level. IMHO Its a mix of many factors, including social and psychological, of course.

  4. A very interesting report but it's another explanation (physiology explanation) for an event is multifactorial. Don't be upset guys, all you are more than hormones ;)

  5. I totally believe this! There have been many, many reports that link homosexuality and left-handedness. It is estimated to be 4x more prevalent among homo men than among the general population (4 out of 10 vs. 1 out of 10).

    It also explains the link to "typically" gay and left-handed/right-brained traits such as creativity, intuitiveness, verbal skills etc. etc.

    It's also a good analogy: some people are completely left-handed; most are right handed and some can go either way. There are lots of people who never discover that they are "left-handed" until they try putting the pencil in their left-hand...

    1. I'm right-handed, can't use my left hand to save my life, and posess the traits you mentioned.Again, this is a load o pseudo-scientific crap!

  6. Well none of this makes a bit of sense. My ring finger is quite a bit longer than my index, yet I've been told on numerous occasions(Jr High, mostly) that I have a gay face.
    While it is true, I am an undeniable cake boy(a disco dancin', Oscar Wilde readin', Streisand ticket holdin' friend of Dorothy)and left handed, penis size, not so much. I'm embarrassed to say, it's only about 9x6.

  7. well that explains your dick

  8. im sorry but the kid on the right is hideous and the kid on the left is super adorable... who is judging this attractiveness?