Thursday, February 9, 2012


What?  Did you know I'm a sexpert now??? Of course you knew.  And I'll be taking questions over at the great blog run by the folks at Manhunt for a new video project on their site.  Basically, readers come up with questions about sex, porn, sex, love, sex, life, sex and...uh, sex and I answer them.  Take a look at the call to arms and send some questions my way!

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  1. Why is porn so universally condemned? I know so many, many men, both gay and straight that watch porn regularly. I'm an old fogey now, but still enjoy it; but I sure wish porn had been readily available when I was a kid. It would have saved me a lot of pain and grief and wondering if I could have seen how bodies work and what you can do with them. Also, seeing real people in films doing things you dreamed of but felt guilty about would have been so affirming. Yeah, so guys use it to JO, so what? My late partner and I always used it as a warm-up or prelude to sex. So, this is bad? I don't understand the fear and rage so many self-righteous people have toward this form of sexual stimulation and why so many people feel so guilty about watching and using porn. As a person from the industry, what is your take on this?