Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jealous much Mr. Disco Ball?

Redolent of twin 70s pop-phenomena "disco" and "Superman", sculptor Jonathan Armistead and fellow artist Scott Andrew built "Glimmer" to accompany their upcoming thesis shows.  Next month I'll have the great honor to sit on Jonathan's final graduate advisory committee at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  I offer only one request in return: that Jonathan produce a giant rotating crystal disco ball for my own tiny studio apartment in Baltimore.  I don't say this often, but it's OK if it's a little bit smaller.   

Both Jonathan and Scott share a queer aesthetic that blends pop culture references, sexuality and art.

Glimmer, according to Scott, "combines kinetic sculpture, video, and sound, by chronicling visions of the future through media from the past. The primary focus of this project involved the construction of a rotating mirrored crystal structure that is 6’ tall by 5’ in diameter. The crystal serves as a mash up between the crystal ball and a disco ball, by forecasting visions of the future in a setting that is referential to a dance floor. Four video projections reflect off of the crystal, enveloping the gallery in an optical swarm of video fragments that have the ability to cast viewers into a perceptual juxtaposition of meditation and nausea." . . . "See the future, not as a distant apocalyptic dystopia, but as a playful shimmering reality that you can shape."

Check out more of Jonathan's work HERE.

And more from Scott HERE.  


  1. This piece is gorgeous and hot. Carnegie Meltdown has served the artists well.

  2. The Presets would approve. :)