Thursday, February 23, 2012


On my walk back from the gym early this morning a small piece of paper laying on the ground caught my attention.  It simply read "Party Van".  I flipped the piece of paper over, now badly damaged by countless tire treads and careless pedestrians, to discover that the note was, in fact, a photograph of a party van.  A survey of the small parking lot near my apartment revealed more overturned photographs.  Naturally, curiosity got the better of me.  Sometimes curiosity doesn't kill the cat, it keeps em in Friskies.  Gravy Sensations!  What a good find!

Until Found Magazine comes a'knockin', I can share my new found treasure with you here.

Finding these photographs is right up there with the time I accidentally stumbled on a Goth wedding in a local Baltimore park.  To set the appropriate mood, I also included a song from a CD I thrifted recently of music from Taiwan's indigenous minorities.   I was listening to the song when I found the photographs.  Oddly enough, they go nicely together.  Hit play and scroll down.


The party van


  1. I love that song, who are they other than being taiwanese?

  2. Doh. Totally racist of me!! They are The Taiwu Elementary School Folk Singers. The song "Laqinasilumudan" is off their 2 CD album called "Vinqacan ta senay nia vuvu Djauzige'je na dagaljaus" or "Where The Songs Begin". Hope that helps.

  3. I was just admiring how much of the goth impact gets sucked out of a picture by the use of flash indoors when I recognized what that mazey thing with people standing around it is. It's a D&D model. Thing. Christ almighty--why would you do that!?

    anyway, great find :)