Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sometimes the collective weight of trials and tribulations we each face daily can feel like a burden too heavy to bear.

My body has certainly suffered a beating lately.  A few weeks back, on a brief fly-over to Rhode Island, a flight attendant inadvertently slammed the drink trolley straight into my left elbow, aggravating an old sport's injury.  I've been in a brace for weeks.  To top it off, I've also started an intense new 4 week routine at the gym: 2 hour a day, 6 days a week!  Not to mention cramps from hours spent drawing dirt piles.

No harm, no fowl.  I'll get better.


Whatever your trials and tribulations, be they obstinate, amorous, physical or fiduciary always remember: no cross, no crown.

Sing it Brother Cleveland:

That concludes today's sermon.   


  1. Vickie Winans also has a great rendition of "No Cross, No Crown".

    I love when porn stars go gospel. :)

  2. jesus is coming... look busy!

  3. bring that elbow here, I'll kiss it and make it feel all better.

  4. I sure hope you have someone to kiss that boo boo and make it all better!