Friday, February 3, 2012


The still life, the portrait, the landscape: each a persistent trope in art's long march from religious propaganda to market-driven cultural "capital".  In recording his own sex life on film from 1999 to 2005, artist Pierre Radisic blurs the boundaries between "still-life", "landscape" and "self-portrait", transforming his own body and that of his female partner into an exotic, erotic sexscape, full of mountains and valleys and fountains and barren tree stumps.  

His work reminds me of a similar set of auto-erotic self-portrait "landscapes" I took of myself with my own 35 millimeter when I was 18.  I tried to dig them out of storage but unfortunately couldn't find the prints.  Good thing too, cause Radisic's work perfectly captures what my naive attempt could only hope to master.  There is only so much one boy can do with low lighting and fleshly thighs.

For more from Radisic's "Pornscapes", including a short video of his work which aired on Toronto's SexTV click HERE.   


  1. These are great! Thanks for bringing him to my attention.
    His dick is beautiful!

  2. You should also chcek out the photos of FInnish born photographer Arno Rafael Minkennen. HE has spent an entire career largely doing nude self portraits, in whcih his body is in effect dis-embodied. One picture might show a pile of logs, and you suddenly see a shin in the pile. Another shows his fingertips grasping at a dock. WOnderful art- check him out.