Saturday, February 25, 2012


When a local politician comes a'knockin', stoked for votes, Colby cums prepared with a ballot box and his own special mandate.  Watch gr-ass roots politics in action; Cast a vote for Colby.  Check out my latest skin flick: Neighborhood Rec Room by renown director Joe Gage.

I pop up at about the 2 min mark in the preview.    


  1. First gay porno I owned, back in the late 80's, was a homemade VHS copy of Joe Gage's "Closed Set 2", "Skin Deep", with Michael Christopher & Johnny Dawes, plus a bunch of random William Higgins trailers. Ah, misty water-colored memories. Mr Gage has drawn quite a few loads from my testicles over the ensuing decades!
    Btw, I do not endorse the practice of piracy; that tape came to me via the boyfriend of a straight girl I knew at university, who eventually(of course) wanted me to suck his dick. I'll save that story for some snowy night in front of the fire...

  2. I ALWAYS vote for you, Colby, but I know you're going to win!

    So hot in the trailer where he says, "So you want me to show you ..."

    And then you very forcefully interject, "YOUR DICK!"

    As I told you, can't wait to own my copy! It's sure to become a classic!

    Much love from KC!