Thursday, March 15, 2012


Julius Caesar may have done more than any other man, save Jesus Christ and Hitler, to shape the course of European history.  Caesar conquered Gaul (present-day France), reformed the rule of law to cover all citizens of the Roman Republic (not just Italians), and helped precipitate the collapse of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire (ruled by a long line of God-Kings) by seizing power as Rome's first Dictator for Life.   On March 15th, the "Ides of March", the "for-life" bit came to a quick end as Caesar suffered a sure death from 23 stab wounds, compliments of Roman Senate.

While there are plenty of daggers to entertain your cum-lust in "The Conquest", a historical porn drama courtesy of Falcon International, an Ides Orgy didn't make the cut.  With coverboy George Vidanov in the line up (David Hasselhoff doppelganger and frequent source of inspiration for the young Colby) who needs historical accuracy.  He can stab me in the backside any day of the month.  Add 22 of his friends and I'll even let him TOPpel my DICKtatorship.  Coup d'etat!

Watch "The Conquest" starring 90s cockthrobs George Vidanov, Janos Volt, and Robert Balint HERE.