Monday, March 12, 2012


Folks may have already heard about the more permissive facial hair policies for male employees (females will likely still be required to wax with Cinderella or thread with Jasmine), but I for one can't seem to find any photos of bearded male Disney park employees online...yet.  Has anybody been recently?  Or does anybody work there that can snap a pic or two our newly bearded Disney brethren? Send to if you find anything.  I have a feeling that the mustachioed himself Mr. Disney would approve.

For your reference, here's the new policy:
  • For all male Cast Members, a fully grown in, well-maintained mustache, beard, or goatee is permitted, unless otherwise restricted by regulatory codes and standards. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed and may not present an unkempt appearance. Extreme styles are prohibited.
  • All facial hair (beards, goatees and mustaches) must create an overall neat, polished and professional look.
  • All facial hair must be fully grown in, neatly groomed and well maintained at no longer than a quarter of an inch in length.
  • Mustaches may extend below the corners of the mouth to meet with the facial beard.
    Shaping the mustache or beard to a particular style is not permitted.
  • Mustaches (without lower facial hair) must not extend onto or over the upper lip and must extend to the corners of the mouth, but not beyond or below the corners.
  • Cast Members without a mustache, beard, or goatee are expected to be clean-shaven every day.
  • For clarification on whether a mustache, beard or goatee is acceptable, please consult your area leader or contact the Cast Image and Appearance team.

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