Monday, March 12, 2012


Newburgh may be the murder capital of New York State but it also boasts one of the few living decedents of the only known remaining Liberty Tree in the world.  Liberty Trees were mythically charged sites of civic assembly important to colonists rebelling against the British Crown during the American War for Independence.  Because of their symbolic importance, most were destroyed by invading Red Coats.  The tree above descends from a humble seedling collected from the last standing Liberty Tree, located in Annapolis, Maryland.  

On a recent trip upstate to shoot porn for Ray Dragon, I skipped down main street (which closely resembles large parts of the Bronx), to George Washington's encampment on the Hudson, site of the little known Newburgh Conspiracy.  Near the end of the war, soldiers in Washington's Continental Army nearly mutinied after years serving the colonies without pay.  Washington appealed to his officers to accept the legitimacy of the Continental Congress and agree to a compromise of 5 years at full pay instead of a lifetime at half pay, as requested.  

In addition to snapping a photo at Newburgh's Washington monument, I managed to see a groundhog (no photo), a dead coyote, and lots of abandoned store fronts.  If only Georgie boy could see what paying people less than they deserve eventually leads to. . . Can I get an amen?

Washington's HQ on the Hudson.  Washington occupied Newburgh as the British occupied New York.  

I'm a big fan of real life names only a YA novelist could imagine: "The Last of the Life Guards: Uzal Knapp"

Monument to the "Disbandment of the Continental Army"

A fey GW

One of Newburgh's many stunning downtown store fronts.  

Yum.  Dusty soccer cake.  

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  1. No way! I grew up right outside of Newburgh... It's like Detroit-on-Hudson, complete with the push to reinvigorate it as an artist colony. Ah the many seemingly abandoned houses my friends used to buy drugs from in high school while I waited in the car terrified. Good times...