Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Boy next door pornstar du jour James Deen may not have a stacked pec deck, or even an enormous peen.  What he lacks in largess, he more than makes up for with the size of his fan base.  The 26 year old straight performer has appeared in nearly 4,000 adult films and oddly enough appeals to porn's most evasive demographic: young females.  Deen often draws comparisons to teeny-bop heartthrobs Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling.   

For an erudite analysis of Deen's ascendant popularity and its malicious appropriation by advocates of internet censorship laws, I highly suggest fellow gay porn performer Dale Cooper's recent blog entry (Dale also drew the cheeky portrait of Deen pictured above).  To effect a critique of recent SOPA and PIPA legislation, Dale takes on this HilARiOUS Nightline episode devoted to the dangerous Deen and his Pied Piper-like appeal to teenage girls.

Beware the power of the pubescent female orgasm!


  1. "To affect a critique" >>> "To *effect* a critique"

  2. Doh! Gets me all the time! Thanks anon.

  3. I just watched some of Deen's work—-he is smokin! Though never as sexy and handsome as Colby...

  4. Cap'n AwesomeMarch 26, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    I hadn't seen that guy in a long time. He's gained weight! He used to be such a skinny little kid. Sniff, our baby's growing up.