Monday, March 19, 2012


NEXT Magazine's "Hookie Monster"

I've escorted my fair share of old ladies across the street.  This year, I'll escort one lucky young gentleman off the corner and into the Hooker Hall of Fame.

This Friday at the Roseland Ballroom, Karl Marxxx and I will present the award for Best Personal Escort Website at the Hookies, the International Escort Awards Ceremony.  They apparently tried to get Porfiro Rubirosa to present the award, but since he's dead, we got a lucky break.  The event should be a lot of fun, so if you're in the NYC area, come check it out this Friday (it's a lead up to the Black Party).

The nominees for Best Personal Escort Website ARE...

Kennedy Carter, Ibiza Realism

Kris Anderson, "Twain on the Brain."

 Rafael Alencar, Spaghetti Western (don't hate me because he's Brazilian)

Josh Riley, he'll escort you back to the future.

Heath Jordan, "Out on the Range" (porn stars are a LOT smaller than you originally thought...)

Ask Dominic? When you don't have pics on your blog, you're subject to whatever Google Image Search turns up...

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