Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sound the bougie alarm!  I might finally get the chance leave the American continent this Summer!  A close friend needs a man-nanny to accompany her art history class to Berlin for a month-long Documenta-fuled study abroad.  While confirmation hinges on a threshold of students to put plan to action, I've already made a handful of German friends.  Bernhard from Berlin recently sent me a PDF of a publication he thought I'd appreciate.  With a printer low on ink and retinas prone to eye strain, I asked if I could buy a hard copy instead.  Bernhard in turn offered to send me a complimentary copy, provided I pay forward the normal price of the magazine (10 US dollars) to an unsuspecting stranger on the street.  I complied and so did Bernhard.

"SEXUAL" is just the kind of witty, smart publication I get into: pedagogy porn for the parietal lobe (though this visually preoccupied part of the brain probably handles porn your penis can appreciate as well).   Article topics include: a historical survey of sexuality as a discursive topic of study in Egyptology, the politics of homosexuality in post-colonial Arab countries, a copy of an Irish love letter from 1909 with a focus on female farting, illustrations of Inuit anal shenanigans and an homage to Bodil Joensen, aka "The Boar Girl", star of more than 40 pornographic films featuring a bevy of varied mammalian costars.  To get your own copy (albeit through a more traditional means of cash exchange), click HERE.     

Bodil Joensen, Porn star to the animals. 


Ancient Egyptian auto-erotica

M-F-M Transexual model Nino

"After fighting and boxing, they get tired and begin a new fight: two pieces of wood tied together by a cord, stuck into each fighter's asshole, the one getting the piece of wood pulled out first, looses." Stories and watercolours by Jens Kreutzmann (1828-1899), Greenland 


  1. Really, REALLY--could you be smarter?!? I am a woman--you are a gay man--but I would fuck your brain if I could.


  2. Colby,


    Hope it all works out! I've been to Austria, but was only in Germany long enough to see Hitler's mountain hide-away that was just over the border.

    I am hoping that someday I will see Berlin!

    But I want you to have a FABULOUS time!

    (That other comment seems very, very weird to me!)

    Love from your biggest fan in KC!

  3. Best post ever. Except I kind of hate you now. Small price to pay for your good fortune and happiness. I shudder to think of the swath you'll cut through Berlin--maybe literally, you know how the Germans can be.

  4. Please tell me the adorable Nino isn't doing something egregious to that poor boxer!
    Reminds me of the time I met a rather sexy, young leather boy at IML market some(read: many, many) years ago. We were chatting and flirting, my dick may have ended up in his mouth at one point, ALLEGEDLY. When what to my wondering eye did appear from the next booth over? A video of said sexy, young leather boy fucking the hell out of a goat. Wah-Wah! I almost couldn't finish filling sexy, young leather boy's gullet; ALMOST couldn't, that is.

  5. That Irish love letter would of course have to be courtesy of the great James Joyce whom had such a fantastic way with words, even when describing his muse's flatulent exertions. "Goodnight, my little cuntie I am going to lie down and pull at myself until I come" stands as some of the finest phrasing of any acclaimed writer ever produced. More of his letters can be seen here, http://loveletters.tribe.net/thread/fce72385-b146-4bf2-9d2e-0dfa6ac7142d

  6. That Nino hotness is a m-f-m model? How does that work? Whatever it is I am into it.