Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Porn stars (and porn supporting cast like yours truly) have earned a reputation throughout the ages for many things.  Smarts hardly top the charts.  While I can usually fight my way through the complicated packaging of a Magnum wrapper, the Little Debbie cherry pie box above utterly confounds me.  If you wanted to know how porn stars keep off the pounds now you know our secret.

In honor of MATH, and that perfect little miracle, the circle, I will put down the processed sugar for now and direct you instead to one of my favorite blogs: Piefolk.  Boys, naked (or nearly so) baking.  Throw in a dash of existential conversional poetry and you have everything a good slice of pie can offer, except the added weight.  At least I'll keep telling myself that.  Save the cherry filling and fill up on this instead:

BSD's very own Minister of Propaganda Karl Marxxx hard at work crackin' eggs.  


  1. That Debbie trollop is such a slut!

  2. Well, I doubt "that Debbie trollop" uses vintage pink & white corningware in the construction of truly bespoke tartlets, as is the loverly Karl, above. Just look at those manly hand! He can get his chocolate in my peanut butter anytime.

  3. FYI.

    You hardly rank as supporting cast (though I have seen you lend plenty of hands, tongue, etc. to give your castmates a lift); you are 100% star, mate.