Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ian Sklarsky (stud with stache)
Karl Marxxx here again, with an introduction to a sexy and talented emerging NYC-based artist and "friend of Colby," Ian Sklarsky.  I sat down with Ian for a hot minute to talk about his work some of his upcoming projects.  If you're planning a trip to NYC in May, be sure to check out his installation at Yotel, entitled "Future Zoo" and if you run into Ian out and about, be sure to have a joke to tell!


KM: What compels you to make art?
IS:   I make art simply to both meet people and draw things I wouldn't necessarily think of, AND to zen out and relax. Every time I draw something I have to calm down, breathe and start. Concentrating on the object in front of me I draw - and this is what makes me make art.

KM: When did you first call yourself an artist?  How did it feel?
IS: I've always called myself an artist, a creator. It was only recently in the last 5 years that people started introducing me as an artist. I love it - I make things out of nothing, and I create things that people enjoy. I love that.

KM: What artists inspire you? Why?
IS: I love Picasso, Henry Darger, and all art really. Anything that I see and get an immediate response from I love. Picasso has his line drawings and his abstract way he looks at objects, sometimes the eyes I draw land outside peoples' heads - it's a very Picasso thing. Darger is just an incredible story about a recluse who created a world that was only shown after he died. I feel somewhat when I go - there will be quite a discovery made.

KM: What makes you laugh?
IS: Jokes. People. Life. These things make me laugh all the time. I'm glad to say visits with my parents and family have us in stitches. The Sklarsky's laugh a lot. It makes the soul younger and livens your spirits. Life isn't so bad, and laughing can make you see things in such a lighter way. Tell me a good joke and I'll laugh. I'll probably laugh even if it isn't funny - just cause you bombed telling it. *I always ask people for jokes when it's an awkward silence. Most people have none - I find that not funny at all.

KM: What's your relationship to the erotic in your own work or in work that you like?
IS: I have drawn many nude people and erotic drawing circles. It's fun to be in that arena and draw. Then I look at my drawings and see a very fluid representation of that pose, position. I think it's the line that is truly the erotic part of my drawings - you can see where I start and trace around to the different points my eye has gazed on.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. Love his work. Wish I was there to check it out.