Tuesday, April 24, 2012


BSD reader Steve M. sent in this doppelgänger of Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, not a doppelgänger of me but a doppelgänger of a doppelgänger of me: "Keith Mitchell" (No! Not the former Prime Minister of Grenada, or the New Orleans Saints linebacker). 

Add to that, "Keith" is actually Kenneth from the poorly rated CBS drama Jericho.  Keith-Kenneth is the guy above on the left, who, strangely enough, also resembles Chandler on the NBC sitcom "Friends".

What a doppelgänger cluster fuck!  Or, more appropriately, a doppelgänger daisy chain.  I guess it all comes back to friends in the end doesn't it?


  1. They are beautiful but they have nothing on the original Colby!

  2. I realized, after your correction, where the name Keith Mitchell came from - he starred in "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" - another bearded redhead!

  3. A cluster-fuck, indeed. That would be a three-way to remember. Gives me flutters in my nether regions.

  4. That Jeric-ho dude is way closer to the Chanadler Bong end of the Keller-Perry sprectrum.