Monday, April 9, 2012


On a recent art pilgrimage to the 2012 Whitney Biennial in New York this past week, I made a quick stop in midtown Manhattan.  The generous better-butt-for-your-buck fashionistas at Bonobos invited me to their New York City headquarters for a special fitting.  You may remember Bonobos from a post I did a few months back. 

As a man with relatively narrow hips and ample thighs, shopping for a pair of pants presents its own particular set of problems.  I usually end up settling: comfortable waist and tight legs, or loose waist and ample leg room.  As a man who likes to give the occasional spank, belts can come in handy.  That said, you can't beat a pair of pants designed to fit.  In all honesty, it was a real revelation. 


At 31! 

A pair of pants that fits my waist AND my thighs! 

If I were a woman it would be the equivalent of finding the right bra for the first time (most women actually wear the wrong size).  A realistic dress form, with ample, athletic glutes, provides most of the design office inspiration.  Mr. Bonobos 2011 almost gave me a woody (See pics below. . .) 

Despite my infrequent trips to East Coast gay beach resorts, there are some things I've never quite mastered.  I even got a lesson in how to properly cuff my shorts.  Go figure.  I've been doing that wrong too.           



  1. Your thighs are perfectly shaped. Just don't ever shave them!

  2. I have the same problem. Big thighs and butt.. smaller waist. Thought about buying a pair from them. Nice to have a personal account to help me make a decision.
    Thanks man.

  3. Very 80's prep, Duckie! Perhaps a swing by Sperry for a fierce new pair of topsiders?

    PS: Higher cuffs, please. Those shorts could stand a little VPH(visible penis head).

  4. The right pair of pants, more than the right shoes or shirt, can make a man come to Jesus. My come-to-Jesus pants are Ben Sherman chinos. Not being blessed with much in the trunk area, pants made for Brits work perfectly.

    Not to be all fanboy, but lovin' what you do here. Marxism, sex and art. Not a bad combo. Just sayin'.