Friday, April 20, 2012



Got the munchies?  Celebrate April 20th with artist Mike Geno.  Mike Geno likes food.  He likes food so much he's made a career out of painting food.  In addition to a series of doughnut hole portraits, Geno has an extensive portfolio of bacon drawings, meat paintings and cheese portraits.  While I could find 43 individual cheese portraits on his website, including "Manchego", "Hummingbird" and "Montgomery's Cheddar" (all pictured below), I couldn't find a single example of "Colby". 

Sad Face.  Big frowny sad face (bloodshot eyes included).  Anyone up for a commission? 

"Bacon Composition #6"
"Bacon Composition #7" 




"Montgomery's Cheddar"

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  1. Thanks man! I'm definitely UP for a commission.