Saturday, April 28, 2012


This I SEE PENIS has already made its way around the internet, but I couldn't ignore it's greatness.  What a sweet little kitty...good little penis-faced-pussy-cat!!!  Cum here Penis Pussy!

Needless to say, the LOL cat, text-on-photo form has been one of the biggest internet memes so far in the brief history of the digital age.  Forged in Forchan, expanded to I Can Has Cheeseburger and rearticulated over and over again on every social media platform available, it would be impossible to argue that people don't LOVE cats and their sometimes human-like emotions.

But this concept of personifying cats is hardly new.  I just caught a great piece on NPR a couple weeks ago that reminded me of the phenomenon of Victorian LOL-cats, as envisioned by photographer Harry Pointer in the 1870s.  Pointer couple captions with photographs of cats to wild success, publishing over 200 cat photos in the Brighton Cats set by 1884.  It's no Two Terrabyte server of pet pics that zealous pet owners of today could tout, but that's quite a few photos for the late 1800s.

Sadly, I don't SEE PENIS in any of Pointer's adorable photos.  I just SEE PUSSY!!!


  1. Hello Mr. Colby Keller I am sorry but I guess I am one of those who is guilty of perpetuating your I SEE PENIS pictures around the internet. I hope you do not mind but I put a link to then in one of my posts entitled Gay Adult Stars - The Human Side. But you are certainly much more than just the collector of penis pictures, by your posts I can tell you are a very humble and sweet man. I am very much looking forward to seeing your work with Devon Hunter's very innovative new production company Anteros Media. With kind regards, Shadow Sterling

  2. I just think it's fascinating that for as long as people have been able to take photographs, they've gone out of their way to provide captions for the viewer.

    Pointer was a 19th-century Facebooker!