Thursday, April 26, 2012


"Bather" 2009 eggshell and cyanoacrylat

In keeping with today's ovoid antics, how could I pass up this I SEE BOOBIES submission AND "Venus of Willendorf" doppelgänger by artist Tim Hawkinson: "The Bather".  If the body is a landscape, The Venus of Willendorf is the Matterhorn and the Wetterhorn all wrapped up in one.  Yes, dear reader, there is a mountain named the "Wetterhorn".  In fact, my Alpine great-grandparents climbed to the top in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.  No shit.  That, or the story is some elaborate Swiss sexual euphemism my pre-pubescent mind couldn't fathom.  Or maybe . . . just maybe . . . it's both.  I like to climb the big boys too.    

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  1. Makes me think of Miss Edie, the "Egg Lady", in Pink Flamingos.

    "And now, Edie, what will it be today? I have Grade A extra large, I have Grade A large, I have medium, I have small, I have brown and I have white. Just look at these, so fresh you could hardly believe it. They're just begging to be scrambled or fried or poached or hard boiled. Or ready to be thrown into a big, fat, juicy omelet! How about it, Edie? What will it be for the lady that the eggs like the most?"