Friday, April 6, 2012


There's not a stable big enough to house the savior this boy could birth.  Cum, all ye faithful. . .


  1. Lol, yummy timmay teebow is no boy. I've met this man and he is a big sexy piece of beef. But don't worry no one is as hot as c.k. <3

  2. Yeah, Tim Tebow can get it, pretty much however he wants it, AS LONG AS I can lick the sweat from his ass and balls. Power(ful) Virgin indeed.

  3. Hot, handsome and smart tops big and stupid any day. No competition from him for you, Colby.

  4. Tebow is so vanilla. There are dozens of other dudes in the NFL more worthy of the attention. Someone needs to truss him up like a holiday turkey, hang him from the ceiling and abuse his hole for an hour or seven, until his rosebud pushes out full bloom.

    1. Ooh, I like the image that brings to mind. My own little porno to think about as I drift off to Sandland to frolic for the rest of the night. Tebow hangin for a bangin.

  5. My favourite thought on this topic is Tebow on his back with his knees next to his ears with Colby drilling him for oil. Then I might consider the possibility of miracles and divine intervention in the affairs of man. Colby is a hot motherfucker on top of any man. Maybe, he could wear a pair of those bonobos while he deflowers and ravishes Tebow. That's enough, must go to bed and sleep.