Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Photo by Marne Lucas
If you've been to NYC and completed your sexual tourism of the East Village bars and LES Grindr options, you've probably had to listen to your tricks talk about East Village artists like SCOOTER before you get them to pull down their pastel American Apparels so you can finger their ripe bungholes.

Big Shoe Diaries' Minister of Propaganda spent his May Day catching up with LaForge to revisit the drunken conversations that were only half-listened to the last time he hooked up with an East Village hottie.

KM:What compels you to make art?
SL: i manage to destroy everything else.
KM: When did you first call yourself an artist? SL: oh no we don't do that.. 
 KM: How did it feel? SL: like i am a dumb-ass

KM: What artists inspire you? SL: a titty, bower birds, Satan, feet, black smith, jesus juice, casper the friendly ghost, and testes. 
KM: Why? SL: cause they are sexy, smart and invisible and can fly and they make milky white substance.

KM: What makes you laugh? SL: farts and burps and awkward sex and shart

KM: What's your relationship to the erotic in your own work or in work that you like?   

SL: I read and beat off to a lot of comic books... I love muscles and skinny people and superheros and I am available for dating.

If you're in New York, check out SCOOTER's current show and everyone can check out his stuff at the Patricia Fields store.


  1. Haha, I guess this is why people don't interview Scooter Laforge too often. Any chance KM could talk to Walt Cessna? Love his work.

  2. what a total dumbass.. all that talent and power in the art world and this is all the insite we get... boo

  3. While Scooter's responses may seem vague or obtuse, I can assure you that such things are a cover for his shyness and humility. It's not easy being the darling of the East Village. If you took the time to get to know him, you'd find he is indeed a darling.