Saturday, May 26, 2012


Joshua Maddox Wellington lives in Melbourne, Down Under.  

A mature 23, Joshua recently added nearly 3 stones (that's 15 kgs, or a whopping 33 pounds of muscle!).  Before you get too worried for Joshua's health, you should know he gained the weight intentionally-- for art's sake of course.  

Joshua is a burlesque dancer and performance artist.  In his most recent performance, +SEBASTIAN+, Joshua plays three characters: Sebastian, the martyr and saint, Sven; a Swedish heavy-metal sex pig; and Syrus, "the sinister and melodramatic one".  In addition to +SEBASTIAN+, Joshua is currently working on a new performance based on the life of 70s serial killer Ted BundyUsing as inspiration The Knife’s 2010 opera about Charles Darwin "Tomorrow, In a Year", Joshua hopes to redefine burlesque in a way that continues to embrace a strong senses of sexuality while at the same time interrogating the neurotic and psychologically unsettling nether-regions of human behavior.

If you need any more inspiration for the role Joshua, I highly recommend "Jeff", a documentary/dramatic recreation of the life of gay serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.  The films juxtaposes some of the more quotidian banalities of Dahmer's day-to-day life-- as a soft spoken Midwestern boy with a job at the chocolate factory-- and the effect his gruesome crimes had on a close neighbor, the Milwaukee medical examiner and the principal interrogator involved with the case.  Plus, the actor who plays Jeff, Andrew Swant, directed 2007's Youtube hit "What What (In the Butt)".

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  1. RE: Jeffrey Dahmer - there's a comic book called 'My Friend Dahmer' written and drawn by a guy who went to school with Dahmer. I haven't read it because it'll probably creep me the heck out. Google search it (can't link in comments)

    RE: Joshua Maddox Wellington - This is what 23 looks like in Australia? I'm moving down under. Just shy of turning 40 myself I know for a fact that I'm going to be one of those pervy old men hitting on guys more than half my age.