Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Disheartened with the inherent capitalist implications confounding this week's Colby Qash Kontest?  

Fear not.  

Money buys a lot of things: porn, sex, happiness, but can it buy food?  Well. . . actually, yes.  Money does buy food.  Nothing tastes quite like food you've grown yourself.  Nothing buys a porn DVD quite like money you've made yourself . . . and even designed.  Commies need cash too.  This one more than most.    

To head off any disgruntled Marxists, I convinced BSD Special Correspondent Dale Cooper to draft a Communist-themed Colby icon, this one based on the "Worker and Peasant Woman" statue by sculptor Vera Mukhina.  Film buffs will recognize the statue as the emblem of Mosfilm studios, the oldest and largest film studio in Europe.  The famous statue, originally designed for the Soviet pavilion at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris, aggressively confronted the German pavilion, situated directly across the Trocadéro, designed by famed Nazi architect and Hitler pet, Albert Speer.  Granted, Stalin had his own set of problems (including nearly 10 million dead), but the Idea of Communism matters most. . . Dictatorships kinda miss the point entirely.  

Can't hate a boy with a dream.  

To fashion your own Colby Commie Cash and receive a DVD for your efforts, send your submission to Chairman (of the Bored) Keller at

   To ease your effort, Special Correspondent Dale Cooper fashioned the following transparent png files just for you:


  1. Kudos to the enigma known as Dale Cooper for glazing Herr Keller a la Maxfield Parrish.

    Now, if someone could just convince the Marxxxist to pose in kind...

  2. i can see your sputnik, comrade keller.