Friday, May 18, 2012


In case you're reading this and you're American (like me), you might not know that France elected a Socialist Party to take over their government for the first time in seventeen years...with hottie Minister of Development, Guy with Glasses and Colby Doppelgänger Pascal Canfin on the ticket, I'd be storming the Bastille too. "Vive la France!", "Vive la République!", “Vive la Résistance!”

Austerity eat my ass.

Thanks to Big Shoe Reader Guillaume Dupuis for noticing the resemblance between Colby and Pascal.


  1. He is cute and I love socialism, but if austerity get to eat your ass...I wanna be austerity.

  2. ...and another thing, of course we know France just elected their first Socialist president since Mitterrand. In fact President Hollande is in Washington meeting with our President Obama today and will be spending the weekend in Maryland. No word if he brought the über-adorable Colby doppelgänger with him. Sorry my first comment was about ass, the mind does tend to wander at my age.

  3. Colby, what is your ethnic background besides being a fine ass White boy?

  4. He had me at glasses..........purrrrrrrr

  5. Well, Pascal is certainly quite a cuty. There's a ton of really nice pics of him on the web, and he has a blog as well. He studied in Newcastle, so he must speak pretty decent English. And he's a green, so he has good politics as well. I can't tell which team he plays on, though. I can't imagine some woman hasn't snatched him up if he's heterosexual, but I can't find anywhere that lists his marital status. He does show remarkable awareness of style and fashion for a het boy, but then again he's French, so that's not enough to out him. Sigh.

    As for Colby's ethnic heritage, all he's admitted to is being part Ukrainian, but with all that fur on him, there's something else in the mix, too.

  6. Mmmm. No sign of a wedding ring here: Now if I can only get him to make a personal trip to KC to lecture me on development, responsible consumption, and pollution. A Keynesian too. I can suggest some stimulating deficit spending as well....

    1. Saw him a few years back at L'Ipact in Paris. He was trussed up in a sling & enjoying a fist to the elbow.

      JK! but there's a visual for ya.

      He's really cute in the 3rd photo, profile shot. Especially hot, the wonky, fish-eye lens affected, baby arm. SIZZLE!

  7. Who is Barroso, and why must he be stopped?

    I know, I know, I could goggle it, but much like Marlene Dietrich & Madeline Kahn, I'm the Laziest Gal in Town & I'm Tired, respectively. "Goddammit, I'm exhausted!"

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaah, Pascal Canfin !
    I totally agree he's one of our hottest Ministers now but more importantly (WAY more importantly), he's got a wonderful résumé (fighting for the financial transaction tax, forbidding CDS...). I just wish gays get to be able to get married soon in France so I can propose to him :)