Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On my ever-growing list of "likes", three choice offerings compete for top of the chart: Travel, Food and . . . drumroll. . . Wieners!

Typically I like my wieners warm-blooded.  When a foot long fattie can't be found attached to a nearby human being, nature supplies a stand-in: the hotdog.  In every city I travel to, I make a concerted attempt to source local delicacies.  In Pittsburgh, my official tour guide Jonathan recommended Station Street Hot Dogs.  I might like good food, but I'm also po' as shit.  Station Street's gourmet fair range in price from a very reasonable $8 for a Greek inspired gyro dog to an even more reasonable $4 for the house dog.  You can even snag a heaping pile of fresh cut duck-fat fries with a side of KewPie mayo for only $5!!!  I forced Jonathan to split two dogs each, so I could get a fair sample of Station Street's select sausage best: the chili cheese dog and banh mi below, Hawaiian and house dog below that.  You only live once right?

As you might imagine, I eat a lot of phallic shaped meat products and these were by far some of the best fancy hot dogs I've had, two full and firm foodie chubs up.

Just in case my arteries weren't hard enough, Jonathan also introduced me to the French delicacy " le macaron" (not to be confused with the much less enticing gooey ball of shredded coconut: the macaroon).  If you had to die with something in your mouth, this might come in close second to a mouth-full of man cookie.  Best pastry ever!


  1. Oh man, that was quite an intoxicating meal, and a thrill to have introduced you to my favourtie treat! I can still recite those flavours by memory. Great gif!

  2. Next time you're in Chicago, I'll take you to Hot Doug's. My treat. (They make duck fat fries on Fridays and Saturdays.) The specials are the best - how about a "Cherry-Infused Venison Sausage with Fig Mustard and Smoked Provolone Cheese"?

    1. Franks 'N' Dawgs is better, though you'll have to contend with the Lincoln Park trixies, et al.