Saturday, May 5, 2012


Lil Colby (and Big Colby for that matter) rarely come in contact with button-downs and blazers.  Unless a troupe of horny execs hits the Baltimore conference center, or I have an unusually stuffy wedding to attend, "business attire" remains for me the perplexing and exotic folk costume of the gainfully employed.

Perhaps it's this "exotic" flair or the implicit correlation to capitalist power and masculinity that makes an Oxford shirt and a silk tie so appealing.  I'm no stranger to the allure of sites like Men at Play (though I've never had the distinct pleasure to work with them, despite a one-off application years ago).  I couldn't be happier to find this set of Colby kokigami pics in my email inbox.  Ben from "Men Are Amazing" is quite the connoisseur of masculine beauty.  I'm honored Lil Colby could make the cut (or mount the uncut in this case).  To share in my excitement, Lil Colby even got a face-full of Ben's own entrepreneurial exuberance.

Think Lil Colby would make the perfect travel companion on your next corporate retreat?  Simply click HERE, hit print and slide me deep in your briefs-case.  Thanks again to the CEO of COCK, artist J.Bone.       



  1. Seen many a configuration in my time, but an 'S' curve, how ever slight, is a specimen rare and elusive, indeed!

    Manhunt resident 'sexpert': What's the technical term for scoliosis of the peen?

  2. Might actually enjoy having this type of capitalism shoved down my throat...