Friday, June 29, 2012


Along with dukes and counts and marquis, "barons" hardly comprise a class of persons with whom this entrenched Leftist would typically associate.  The hard working aesthetes at Baron magazine however-- a publication devoted to "the core of human desire"-- are another matter altogether.  The recent most issue, beautifully bound in a pocket size book, includes a interview with yours truly.  For those printed matter addicts out there like myself, I highly suggest grabbing your own copy.

Find out more HERE.

Portrait of Lord Colby by photographer Grant Willing

Some of my favorite selections from the Baron Blog below:

selection from "Baron Does Sports" by Aza Shade

selection from "A Late Night Cruise" by Julianne Popa

selection from "Nude Study" by Bernhard Handick

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Page 79: "'Like what?"

"Like the part about my being after your derriere noir.  Like you've got the prettiest almond-shaped eyes I've ever seen.  Like the constant erection I have maintained just watching you eat your toast.'"

Chapter 15 of Larry Duplechan's "Eight Days a Week":


If you read Portuguese, or just like the way the beautiful language looks, be sure to check out the Karl Marxxx interview on Porno Academico by Ulisses Carrilho.  The interview was conducted in English, but it's kind of awesome to see Marxxx pontificatin' (as he does so often) about porn, consumption, social media and what's next in a different language.  Working men of the world unite!


It takes a lot to be a father (lots and lots and lots of tiny little tadpoles for one).  Maybe that's what the designer of this greeting card had in mind . . . teddy bears, rattles, bottles and . . . itty bitty baby cock.  

Thanks to avid penis fan Gus for the submission.  I'd certainly strap on some pampers with safety pins like those!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Eight hours of air time and a three hour train ride later, I've finally completed the leap home from Berlin to Baltimore.  Jet lag does have some benefits.  Waking up at 6am for instance has never felt more natural.  Yes.  I'm back in the good ole' US of A (as depressing and impoverished as ever now that I have another country to compare it to).  I'll save you the full slide show presentation (with nearly 4,000 snapshots, I begrudgingly indulged my deepest, darkest tourist impulses), though I may indeed throw up a Berlin post here and there in the next few months. 

While I rest up and get my bearings, I'll leave you with a parting pic from my last weekend in Berlin.  No, I didn't wear away the weekend at Berlin's notorious techno paradise Berghain or tear into the boys at Berlin Pride.  I went to a lovely lesbian wedding at a schloss outside the city.  Besides witnessing a four year old fall off a wall and break his nose, it was a lovely time.  



You may recall an old I SEE PENIS post about the large wooden pepper grinders named for the infamous Latin playboy from a few months ago. Well this smart person scored a double wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am with this hilarious Grindr profile pic, playing with both the word grinder and the notion that king of Grindr (and king of grinders) would have been the famously hung Rubirosa for whom the pepper grinders are named. Smart smart smart...I hope it gets him laid.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It just goes to show you that you should always open your mail...all of it.  Big Shoe Diaries received a great package from the boys at Faggles 2 Faggles a couple of months ago and started playing our new board game in earnest.  But we got so involved in the game, that we didn't unwrap all of the package and almost missed out entirely on this lovely video thank you from those crazy DC Boys.  Wow!  Thanks and thanks!


Big Shoe Reader Butch found these two lovelies in a garden in Palm Springs, California and named them as such because they're both circumcised.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Submitted by Big Shoe Reader Mike, this extraterrestrial erection is pointing at us hard from the fourth planet. So next time you see the god of war shining down on you from the sky, get prepped...

The bigger mystery: Shouldn't "Google Earth" be "Google Mars"?  


Paul Winkler is a sweet kid. A sweet kid with a secret, and a not very well kept one at that. Mr. Winkler, of no relation to the Fonz, competes in male gay beauty pageants. He was recently named Mr. Congeniality in the Mr. Gay America pageant and sat down with Karl Marxxx of the Big Shoe Diaries to "tell all" about gay men competing for crowns.

BSD: What compelled you to enter the Mr. Gay America competition?

PW: What compelled me to enter the Mr. Gay competition was my willingness to try something new.
I was in Philly hanging out with my friend Alec [Mapa], who was doing standup for the QComedy Fest. We had lunch with the show's producer Bruce Yelk, who coincidentally
produced Mr. Gay USA as well, and he asked me on the spot if I would would be interested in replacing one of the contestants who dropped out. I was flattered but I thought, "Me? No way. I'm not a muscle guy." But Bruce got my number and continued to pursue me via text. Finally, I consulted my friend Eddie Rabon (who won the previous year) and he told me to, "Do it." The rest is history.

BSD: What are the most difficult challenges a competitor faces?

PW: The most difficult challenge in the competition is the one-on-one Q&A with the judges. You have no idea what they'll ask, and you have to be ready for anything!

BSD: Is there a critical or complementary relationship to the Miss America system? Do people even talk about the similarities/differences to the pageants?

PW: Well, we do have the swimsuit competition! I would say people don't take the competition as serious as Miss America, but it feels just as stressful. LOL With the Mr. Gay competition, there is a lot more room to be yourself and have fun.

BSD: What makes you laugh?

PW: Unexpected real-life funny moments! Nothing is funnier.

BSD: Are the celebratory responses of the winners actual or rehearsed? Be honest. ;)

PW: For me: A little bit of both. The entire week leading up to the competition, I was listening to the Recording of the Broadway flop Smile, about a Beauty Pageant (I'm a total theatre nerd). "You didn't jump up and down when Sandra won. And you didn't even cry when you won yourself. The judges are looking for lots of emotion, give them emotion!" I mean, when I won Mr. Congeniality, I was genuinely surprised and elated. Seconds later I found out that I was not one of the final four. So that was tough, but I of course started jumping up-and-down and clapping.

BSD: Would it hurt the chances of winning for a contestant if it were revealed (or known) that they had done porn?

PW: Are you kidding? This is Mr. Gay USA. They would probably win! Randomly, I'm friends with a handful of Porn stars. I should have lied and said my porn name was Hugh Jacking or Neil Patrick Harness. Maybe then I would have won the main title! LOL

BSD: Any relation to the Fonz (aka Henry Winkler)?

PW: No relation. Get that all the time. He's tweeted me before, but that's about it. Trying to get him to say on twitter that we're not related, so people finally believe me. (@hwinkler4real)

BSD: What's next for you, Paul?

PW: I'm auditioning and I have a few projects coming up. Also, I'm writing a gay-themed TV Pilot. We'll see...


Saturday, June 23, 2012


If you are a rabid, all-consuming fan of Colby Keller, then you probably already know who Troy Daniels is. For that matter if you have consumed any hot porn lately, you're probably familiar with his lean torso, stunningly pale skin and his gorgeous Roman nose. He shared a live scene with Colby for Raging Stallions a couple years ago that I'm told was even hotter off-camera than on.

Daniels took a moment to share a little bit about himself with Karl Marxxx of the Big Shoe Diaries and even sent some hot sneak peek photos from a film he just shot with Ray Dragon (

BSD: What compelled you to make porn?
TD: I was working as a stripper at Nob Hill Theatre--yes they spell theater that way--and was approached by a casting agent. I kind of considered it the next logical step in my "career" as a sex worker. I also thought it would be something new and fun to do.

BSD: What do you like and dislike about working in the industry?
TD: I like the camaraderie that's easy to develop between other performers. Sometimes on set you forge instant friendships with people just because of this one commonality, porn.

I dislike the attitude that some people in the industry have, the rampant entitlement and self-importance just drives me crazy. We're not saving lives here, we're just helping people jack off. This isn't Hollywood and it never will be.

BSD: What porn makes you hot personally? Why?
TD: Amateur shots of jocks in sports uniforms. They don't even necessarily need to be naked. I think this comes from being a nerd in high school and wanting to get gang banged by the entire football team. Side note: Directors, let's make this happen.

BSD: What else do you enjoy, besides having sex with hot guys?
TD: Not to sound too superficial, but, I like TV and magazines. I really like popular culture (the good and the bad) and I like consuming it. Although it may seem unimportant, both media say a lot about our culture and who we are.

BSD: How has working in porn affected your life in positive ways? Any negative?
TD: Porn has been a great way to explore my sexuality, in all its facets. It's helped me mature very quickly. It's also provided me with an income over the last two years while I pursue school full time.

Negative side effects have been that it's made me very self-aware of my body and how I look. I think that we are our harshest critics, and I think that making porn (and watching porn too) can turn the dial up on that. I'm sure it has something to do with Jacques Lacan and the Gaze. Or Foucault. He probably would have had something to say about that.

BE SURE TO FOLLOW TROY ON TWITTER AT @troydanielsxxx to keep tabs on his whereabouts and upcoming films.


Colby helps Cicero discover the Tomb!!!

Cicero Discovers the Tomb of Archimedes (1797), Benjamin West

Friday, June 22, 2012


After did a report on Colby's blog and specifically his I SEE PENIS collection, it was revealed by friends that another blog with a similar focus had been running for about the same time as Big Shoe Diaries with a much more specific focus (accidental penis).  What a great discovery it was (not unlike the Gummi Bears finding evidence of the Great Gummis themselves) to find an entire blog devoted to the same pursuit as our I SEE PENIS posts.  There's plenty of overlap, but if you like the I SEE PENIS posts, you can spend several hours thumbing through pages and pages (and pages...) of the collection at Accidental Penis.  And I'm not exaggerating about its size, even if this is the internet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


What a long skinny microphone you have... If you're in Baltimore this weekend, you'll want to check out the opening event for a new show presented by The Walters Art Museum called "Public Property," a crowd sourced exhibition that's been gaining quite a deal of notoriety.

The opening event features a Game Show in which the objects in the collection are the contestants and compete against each other. Judged by celebrity judges and audience approval, one object will win. Karl Marxxx, of the Big Shoe Diaries plays game show host at the event this Saturday evening at 7pm.  Check it out! 


We all know how important it is to eat our veggies, but can you imagine a cult dedicated to their consumption?  The crazy performance artists in Baltimore I know can, and did develop a spirited cult(ivation) performance around our phallic friends, donning penis-like asparagus hats, eliciting become-erect-like-a-shoot audience participation, and playing instruments designed in the shape of super-sized asparagi. Presented at F.E.A.S.T.during the Transmodern Festival a couple of weeks ago, the performance culminated with the audience being served our very own plate of asparagus to eat.  Needless to say, I'd had plenty of practice with the shape, so had no trouble at all cleaning my plate.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With everyone talking about the passing of Erik Rhodes, I thought it might be good to highlight the career of a porn-star whose work life lasted (and started) far beyond the work he did in front of the semen screen.  Tom Judson is a writer, performer, singer and an all-out-sexy man whose shows are in high demand, selling out across the country.  And if you live in NYC or are visiting this weekend for Pride, you've got two chances to see what the buzz is all about on June 21 and June 22 at the Metropolitan Room.

I masturbated far too many times to images and videos of "Gus Mattox" through most of my early 20s and I'm super excited to see the show tomorrow night. Tickets are still available for $15 and a two drink minimum.  So, if you like to laugh and cheer and be generally delighted, come out and join me.


Page 69: "'Mind if I smoke?' she asked, firing up a lavender cigarette with flowers printed around the filter end."

Chapter 14 of Larry Duplechan's "Eight Days a Week":

Monday, June 18, 2012


A stalagmite (UK /ˈstæləɡmt/ or US /stəˈlæɡmt/; from the Greek σταλαγμίτης - stalagmitês, from σταλαγμίας - stalagmias, "dropping, trickling")[1] is a type of speleothem that rises from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dripping of mineralized solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate.

A stalactite (UK /ˈstæləktt/, US /stəˈlæktt/; from the Greek stalasso, (σταλάσσω), "to drip", and meaning "that which drips") is a type of speleothem (secondary mineral) that hangs from the ceiling of limestone caves. It is a type of dripstone. The corresponding formation on the floor of the cave is known as a stalagmite.

 Aren't they beautiful?

Need I say more?

Even Captain Kirk knows a good stalagmite when he sees one.  Making George Takei jealous on set no doubt.
Yes, even the queens of set design on Star Trek got a good laugh out of these space-age speleothems.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dale is still recovering from his adventures on the AIDS/LifeCycle ride. As such, he has some belated things he'd like to share with you.
While spandex can be great for accentuating pecs and curves, all that crotch constriction can be a little uncomfortable.

Enter Red Dress Day. Originally started as "Dress in Red Day," the idea originated due to a particular segment of the route on day 5 that loops back on itself--viewed aerially, the effect of 2,200 cyclists on the road gives the appearance of an AIDS awareness ribbon. Over the years, "Dress in Red Day" became "Red Dress Day," and the spectacle shifted from up above to down under. There's nothing quite like a little genderfucking while you're cruising down the Golden Coast. More after the jump!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Page 64: "Snookie gave me his you-never-fooled-me-for-a-minute Jewish mother look.  Bobo twanged a bass string and rolled his eyes heavenward. "Just play the song," I said."

Chapter 13 of Larry Duplechan's "Eight Days a Week":


If you're wondering where I've been the last few days, worry not.  Bandwidth in Berlin is hard to come by.  Despite paying for wi-lan in my hotel room (what they call wi-fi here), my connection hasn't worked for days.  I've been spending most of my days relaxing in the anarchy hammock at the local park. . . Just one of my many duties as a part-time nanny.

Oh, to be 7 again! . . Then I might fully enjoy one of Berlin's incredible playgrounds.

Yes.  Those are cars suspended from the monkey bars: West Germany's iconic VW Bug, and East Germany's Trabant.   Welcome to the local neighborhood Beach Club.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Because of its relative proximity to the former capitol building of the DDR (The German Democratic Republic), this unique building earned the cheeky nickname "The Magistrates' Bosom".  Now it's a Chinese restaurant.  :-)