Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dale is still recovering from his adventures on the AIDS/LifeCycle ride. As such, he has some belated things he'd like to share with you.
While spandex can be great for accentuating pecs and curves, all that crotch constriction can be a little uncomfortable.

Enter Red Dress Day. Originally started as "Dress in Red Day," the idea originated due to a particular segment of the route on day 5 that loops back on itself--viewed aerially, the effect of 2,200 cyclists on the road gives the appearance of an AIDS awareness ribbon. Over the years, "Dress in Red Day" became "Red Dress Day," and the spectacle shifted from up above to down under. There's nothing quite like a little genderfucking while you're cruising down the Golden Coast. More after the jump!

Photo credits: Christopher Stewart, Dallas Graham


  1. Thought Bubble... "Silly me, right where I left it!"

  2. This is SOOOO my happy place. And I want to cut all these bitches because they have my outfits! Stay out of my closet Misters! #AidsLifeCycle

  3. Speaking of activism: Your kind of protest?

    Young man strips at airport to expose body-search/4th amendment conflict. | Threat Level |

    1. Ah, Y-U-M! I'd like to see him with 4 appendages on his chest, mine being one...