Friday, June 1, 2012


Yay!  Break out the champagne!  My first time out of the good ole' US of A in decades.

I'm in Berlin for the whole month of June working as a nanny.  Now I finally grasp what every jet setting über hipster I know has been raving about.  Berlin rocks with its cock out.  On my first day alone I trekked down to nearby Alexanderplatz, the dour epicenter of former Communist East Berlin.  Rising above the city looms the mammoth Fernsehturm, a monument to the Soviet Bloc's hollow prowess.  Ostensibly a "television" tower, the Fernsehturm couldn't help but exhaust West Germany's most paranoid espionage fantasies.  Now it's the Berlin equivalent of the Eiffel tower.

To honor the occasion, BSD reader Chris submitted these lovely communist themed Colby bucks.  I can't wait to hit the DDR and Stasi museums tomorrow.  Woot!


  1. Be sure to check out the gay museum (Schwules Museum) while you are in Berlin.

  2. Other cool Berlin sites that might not be in the tour guides:

    = Soviet memorial in Treptower Park (huge Stalinist memorial to the glory of the Red Army that liberated Berlin from the fascists)
    = Beach bar across the river the the Alte Nationalgallerie (sand, beach chairs, and a cabana bar, best after dark)
    = Staatsbibliothek (State Library) near Potsdamer Platz. (By Hans Scharoun. Parts of Wim Wenders film "Wings of Desire" were filmed there. Call ahead to find out when they have tours, because you can't get in to just see the place most days unless you spring for a library card.)
    = Trabi Safari (A chance to drive one of the old East German cars through the city -- but you have to be able to drive a stick!)

    And it might be in your tour books, but I'll say it anyway: Berlin has more waterways (canals and rivers) than Venice, so be sure to take one of the boat trips around the city on a sunny afternoon. One of my favorites is with a company called Reederei Riedel.

  3. My favorite part of the Fernsehturm is what they call the Pope's revenge. A cross of light that appears in bright sunlight. Not because I like the religious implications, certainly, but because I love unintended subversive.

  4. The Stasi Museum rocks! You'll never feel safe farting on a chair again...

  5. To get down with some of the nasty natives, you need to check out this place called the Lab:

    Any chance you'll stick around for a bit, post manny gig? Would love to see you work it out in a Cazzo flick. Now those are some hot euro pigs.

  6. How do you solve a problem like Co-ol-by? He's a flibbertigibbet, a will of a wisp, a clown...

    You must, must, MUST give us a gif of you in lederhosen doing the Julie Andrews/Sound of Music twirl.

  7. youre in berlin?? you have to go to berghain....and katerholzig...and asphalt...and watch life ot hte others...great stasi movie......lg nuschi

  8. Wait...Colby's for hire as a nanny?!? Do I have to have kids to hire you?

  9. One of the most special setting for an art collection you are likely to ever see. Knowing the bunker once housed 'the hardest club in Europe' and was also a sex club makes it all the more exciting!

  10. I'd agree with the guy who recommended Lab.Oratory - it's a great bar/sex club next to Berghein, especially on Thursday nights when everyone just wears shoes & sock! A really (really really) sexy young crowd of up for it guys. I'd say 200+ fellas who are there to chat, drink, flirt and group-fuck. Goes all night. Would highly, highly recommend a trip while you're in Berlin. Enjoy.

  11. Can I ask the posters here - are there any other places very similar to Laboratory in Berlin or is it one of a kind. Have been a couple of times (and it's great) but would be nice to check out some other, but similar, venues.

    And how is the actual Berghain club itself - more dancy, less fucky?

    Vielen dank