Monday, June 4, 2012

SPANDEX / LATEX: Derrière-a-Day 1

As part of my trip along with AIDS LifeCycle, I will be conducting informal yet intimate interviews with participants on the state of their bums. And I'll be drawing portraits of their bums.

SANTA CRUZ - Tony Bishop, a 34-year-old NYC-er, has been a sex worker since 2004, as an escort and gay porn performer. He has recently come back to porn after a 5 year hiatus. You can find him at He is also the vice-president and on the board of directors of, an educational zine by, for, and about men in the sex industry.

Your nether regions in one word? "NUMB."

Why is that? "I rode my bicycle from San Francisco to Santa Cruz."

What hurts the most? "The bottom of my right foot, but only because I cannot feel my penis right now." (Inspect closely what you're going to ride before you jump on, boys!)

What would you have preferred? "That it was fully functional again." (It will return with time.)

What would help? "I wish there was an acupuncturist."

Would you take an acupuncture needle on your penis? "No."

Are you ready for more tomorrow? "Yes."

What will you do differently? "Wear my sunscreen to work on my tan lines, as I have a shoot next week, so I have to get rid of them."

Anything else you'd like to share? "I feel like I should be drinking less sports drinks and still be doing my 300 crunches a day so I look good for the shoot."

Thank you for sharing, Tony.

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  1. Tony's links aren't working...

    1. i thought he was dead???