Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SPANDEX / LATEX: Derrière-A-Day 3

As part of Dale's trip along with AIDS LifeCycle, I will be conducting informal yet intimate interviews with participants on the state of their bums. And I'll be drawing portraits of their bums.

Doug's booty. You could mount a bike rack on that.
PASO ROBLES - Doug is a licensed mental health counselor working at a homeless shelter in Boston. He also volunteers with the Red Cross, specializing in psychological trauma. He is popping AIDS/LifeCycle cherry this year. He is an avid cyclist and telemark skier, which keeps his booty in top form.

One word to describe your booty right now: "Happy."

Why is your booty so happy? "The rumble strip."

Could you please explain that sentence? "Well, the rumble strip is that thing on the side of a highway that keeps you from going off the road. And if you loosen your booty, so to speak, and press down hard on your seat then ride over the rumble strip, it's better than any toy I've ever used."

And I'm sure there's a lot more cardio involved. "Exactly. Well, only a little bit more."

A little bit? "Yeah."

You must have very cardiovascular... sex toy usage. "Let's just say I work out."

Any other rumbling going on? "There's a 'flavor of the day' thing going on. Long walks in the wood at night..."

Just 'of the day'? "What do you want, one of the hour?"

Are there lots of flavors at ALC? "There are many, and a whole lot of delish."

Is that what brought you to ALC? "Of course!!! And it's a near and dear cause to me."

Why is that? "Many friends living with HIV. Many clients, patients."

Do you ride for them? "Yes. Absolutely. I ride for them because I am fortunate to have the strength to do so when they don't."

Is all that strength in your booty? "Uh huh."

It shows, Doug, it shows.
Can't get enough derrière in spandex? I believe they have more over here.

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