Friday, June 8, 2012

SPANDEX / LATEX: Derrière for DAYS

As part of Dale's trip along with AIDS LifeCycle, he will be conducting informal yet intimate interviews with participants on the state of their bums. And he'll be drawing portraits of their bums.

So sorry to for missing yesterday's derrière, ass enthusiasts. There's just such tremendous tooshes out here. To make it up to you, I bring you these mountainous posteriors that go for miles. And no, I couldn't possibly draw these. How do you capture such perfection?

It's obvious why Team Popular is so damn popular. They've got derrière for DAYS. They're riders from all over the glove who flew their butts to San Francisco to ride it out. And they're the 4th biggest fundraising team of the ride. Who could say no to asses like these? I sat down with the clique and asked them the hard-hitting questions.

What is one word to describe the collective state of ass-iness of Team Popular? "Donkey booty."

That was two.
So why are you doing this? "Cycling is really good for your butt."

It shows. "Our asses get lots of likes on Facebook."

Any sore asses on the team? "Plenty. We rode over two really tough hills today, which really gave our asses a good pounding. Speaking of poundings, they're sore for a variety of reasons."

So those two hills really tag teamed your twin peaks? "Definitely."

Was it worth it? "For butts like these? Yes. Also, there's that whole raising $250,000 to raise awareness and fight stigma and treat disease."

Any parting words? "Everyone should be on Team Popular."


  1. They've traveled from all over the glove, have they?

    A man goes into a doctor's office.
    The doctor examines him, and finds out he has five penises.
    The docter says, "That's amazing. How do your pants fit?"
    The man says, "Like a glove."

  2. Holy badonkadonk, that first one looks rather Kardashian-esque. MOTORBOAT!

  3. Team Popular are the absolute worst representatives of the ride! They're rude, snobby and go against the inclusion that ALC is all about. #fail

    1. Dear anyonymous,
      how can you say they are against inclusion of ALC? Have you even talked to any of them? I thought the same thing until I lunched with them one day.......of the 20 people sitting their (all friendly and nice engaging) only 5 were on the team. Yes I assumed it was all from the team. Seems to me like they are meeting new riders, and raising tons of $$ for this cause which is really the point of the ride.

      I currently ride on another team, but I dont think they have half as much fun as popular, and I can tell you none of my teammates we as outgoing and talkative to everyone as members of popular.

      If I had a choice I'd be on their team next year, if for not other reason to stare at those hot booties all day.


    2. I agree with the reply....they were so encouraging and friendly every time they passed. So I wish I could have kept up with them? YES, Do I wish I wasn't getting passed all the time? Yes! Its not thier fault Im slower....keep up the great work guys and congrats on the fundraising that is amazing, and what the ride is about.

  4. Hey anonymous #3 -- not all Popular's should be considered this way. A lot of us are not what you say. I spent two years on the team working really hard to dispell what you refer to (and I'm also ass number 2 in the photo, and middle row far left in pyramid). I'm forming a new team this next year with another former Co-Captain from Team Popular. I encourage you to reach out on Facebook so I help dispell your thinking about Team Popular though. A lot of really kind, generous, compassionate guys there and I'd hate for you to miss the opportunity to meet them because of this perception. Hugs!