Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SPANDEX / LATEX: Grindr Report 3

Dale Cooper will be guest-blogging for a week while participating on the AIDS LifeCycle 11. Find out more here.

El Paso de Robles - Pop. ~30,000. In common vernacular: Paso Robles. In English: The Pass of the Oaks. Known for its thermal springs. Salinan Indians used to live in the area, referring to it as the "Springs." Franciscan priests from the neighboring Mission San Miguel constructed the first mineral baths in the area. At that same mission today, AIDS/LifeCycle roadies performed a drag show. That drag show raised $3,00 for it's renovation.

Logged in at: 8:45PM, PST. First 100 profiles included.

Grindr Participation: Day 3
Analysis: Beautiful weather uplifted the rider's spirits after the freezing torrent of the day before. Biked 66.7 miles, so shorter than some days, though home of the mythical "quad buster," a mountainous hill of mighty proportions. Some riders get off of their bicycles to help push others to the top of the hill. Note: hand-to-buttock contact between cyclists of the push may have reinvigorated passions. Riders could be experiencing soreness related to quad-busts, though, reducing their desire to want to ride anything else. That being said, data represents a strong show of participants utilizing Grindr, with little outside population involvement despite the significant population of Paso Robles. Possible explanation: the town the fastest growing in the county, and presence of mineral baths would suggest this population growth is largely due to senior citizens. Senior citizens are demonstrably less inclined to take topless photos of themselves with their smartphones.

SPANDEX / LATEX doesn't understand the necessity of a Grindr report. ALC Experience website may have something more salient.

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