Sunday, June 3, 2012

SPANDEX / LATEX: Grindr Report, Day 1

Dale Cooper will be guest-blogging for a week while participating on the AIDS LifeCycle 11. Find out more here.

SANTA CRUZ - Pop. ~ 60,000. County seat of Santa Cruz county, CA. Home of the University of California: Santa Cruz. "Well known for watersports" (Source: Wikipedia).

Logged in at: 9:14PM, PST. First 100 profiles included.

Analysis: Smaller ALC Grindr usage than anticipated. Possible explanations: participants biked 82.5 miles today; first day of the ride, with little sleep the night before due to anxiety/going out while in the city; don't want to start the search "too soon;" many participants may have gone to bed early; people may be sticking with friends they know at this point.

Recommendations for future research: need to get on Grindr earlier in the day, perhaps at lunch and dinner time and again later in the night? Comparison of those numbers may be revealing on that account.

Important to note: inability to charge smartphones on the road, may be conserving battery life for later use in the ride.

SPANDEX / LATEX continues it's riveting variety of attempts at "content" over at the ALC Experience website.


  1. Ooooooohhh, Dale, are you into watersports?

    Let's tell Joe Gage, so he can write a good scene for you in his next "indie" film.

    That would really be hot!

    Thanks for covering this important event!

  2. This is the fucking funniest post ever.