Saturday, June 2, 2012


SAN FRANCISCO - The versatility of the bike seat post should really be more appreciated. This is Dale Cooper, sometimes guest star here at Big Shoe Diaries, sex worker, milquetoast and special rapporteur on AIDS LifeCycle 11. BSD has been given the opportunity to travel along with the world's largest HIV/AIDS treatment and services fundraiser in the world, and philanthropic and engaged citizens of the world that we are, we could simply not pass up the opportunity. It should be noted, sore and well-sculpted posteriors and tons of toned boys in skin-tight clothing are to be expected, so, naturally, that influenced the decision.

From today through June 9th, I will be traveling 545 miles down the coast of California. Much more interestingly, while I'll be traveling by car and just journaling about my experience, over 2,200 participants will be traveling as well, the majority of whom will be undergoing the trip on bicycles. Cyclists have raised, at a minimum, $3,000 each for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. That's a lot of philanthropy. I beleive they accept Colby Bucks--so don't be greedy with those greenbacks and donate, if you're able!

This is the inaugural post of what we are calling SPANDEX / LATEX, a section of BSD devoted to my musings and special perspective here on the ride. Look forward to hunks with handlebars, portraits of asses in spandex and sex worker interviews while I cruise down California 1. I have big shoes to fill here as the new diarist on Big Shoe Diaries, but fill them I shall try. Can't get enough? Follow us along on the ride (where I will also be providing more content) or head on over to the ALC website to learn what it is all about, or get involved yourself.

Dale Cooper owns a typewriter because he thinks that is probably cool.


  1. Good luck Dale. I look forward to seeing riders in LA on Pride weekend.

  2. Dale is so dreamy!

  3. Holy fuckballs, who is this tasty morsel of scruffy man meat in glasses? Just look at that jawline for crissake!

    I do declare, he's given me the vapors...