Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With everyone talking about the passing of Erik Rhodes, I thought it might be good to highlight the career of a porn-star whose work life lasted (and started) far beyond the work he did in front of the semen screen.  Tom Judson is a writer, performer, singer and an all-out-sexy man whose shows are in high demand, selling out across the country.  And if you live in NYC or are visiting this weekend for Pride, you've got two chances to see what the buzz is all about on June 21 and June 22 at the Metropolitan Room.

I masturbated far too many times to images and videos of "Gus Mattox" through most of my early 20s and I'm super excited to see the show tomorrow night. Tickets are still available for $15 and a two drink minimum.  So, if you like to laugh and cheer and be generally delighted, come out and join me.


  1. And he still looks amazing! I always thought he was so sexy.

  2. cardiac arrest at 30, sad. They come, and they go.

    On the other hand, saw Tom Judson accompany Varla Jean Merman, once, some years ago. As I recall, I could hardly pay attention to the show, and I loves me some Varla Jean!

  3. OMG, yes, "Gus Mattox" - those big ears and that killer smile...oh, I also choked my chicken many a time over his visage...I wish I were in NYC to go see him!