Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 "Sweet Lamé"

Despite a surname like "Sin-ness", it's hard to find fault with Minneapolis-based artist Joe Sinness.  Reconstructing exquisite still-lifes in colored pencil, Joe's work is a labor of love.  Deploying a strategic approach thoughtfully attuned to a camp sensibility-- obsessed with representations of sex and celebrity while still touched by a quiet, affectionate humor-- Joe's drawings are a feat of precision and composure, gently bracketed in a careful joke.  Maybe some day I'll have a crumpled porn-mag-and-plastic-flower portrait all to my own.

The Kinsey Institute recently chose one of Joe's drawing for it's annual juried show.  To see more of Joe's work, click HERE.  


 "Swan Song"

 "Dolly, Dolly, Dolly!"

 "All I Can Do"

 "Untitled (Judy Crumble)"

 "Untitled (Rim)"

 "Somewhere Between"

 "Stay Out of my Bedroom"

 "Untitled (Zinnia Daisy Chain)"

 "If Only"

 "I Wasted My Tears" 

"Starting Over Again"

 "Hawking His Brown"

 "Gym Bunny"

"Pillow Biter"

"Untitled (Stems)"


  1. Joe is an amazing talent. I'm glad he is a friend of mine. Thank you for calling him out for his fab work.

  2. Remember eons ago when Rosie O had her first talk show, and she was obsessed w/ decoupage? Knowing how crafty we fags can be, I'd be surprised if there weren't a goodly amount of PORNcoupage floating around the queer-o-sphere.