Thursday, July 5, 2012


Of all the incredible, amazing, talented and skilled BSD readers to submit their designs to the Colby Buck (Naked) funny money contest, none may be more enthusiastic than Nathan.  Nathan submitted his first bill-- $50-- more than a month ago.  He enjoyed the design process so much he sent in $10 a few days later. . . then $20.  When I asked for a special communist themed bill, Nathan answered the clarion call.  He even submitted a special $8 bill-- the perfect symbolic size (8 inches)-- to match the meager specie in my own pocket.  Nathan even went to the trouble to print off his entire collection and send me a sample of each bill. 

Nathan may also be the most patient reader EVER.  I should have posted these weeks ago! Thankfully, I was able to send Nathan a thank you DVD before I left for Berlin. 

If you'd like to print your own Colby Bucks email your designs to me at  I'll respond with bank vaults of appreciation and at least one complimentary DVD.  :-)    


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  1. Beautiful! I love them. Excellent work Nathan.