Monday, July 23, 2012


Our route will look something like this!

Ten year porn veteran and popular art-nerd porn blogger, Colby Keller hits the road for more adventures with Big Shoe Diaries.  Keller, 31 will be driving with co-blogger and queer performance artist Karl Marxxx of the Big Shoe Team from NYC to Seattle, Washington August 10th to 18th to see and share the funniest and randiest that the northern United States have to offer.  Colby, the resident sex advice vlogger is also hoping to secure engagements at bars/clubs/community centers/bachelor and bachelorette parties for his infamous "Colby Keller Spanking Station." 

Know of a crazy I SEE PENIS landmark Colby shouldn't miss?
Want to book Colby for a night of spanking at your club or porn-friendly private house party?

Send us an email at Big Shoe Diaries - that's OR

We'll be conducting interviews, hopefully hosting some events and taking photos of everything gay and perverted along the way.  But we need your help.  Spread the word to party planners, club owners, gallerists, artists we should interview and randy local tour guides so that we can make this trip the best possible.

Our current (and relatively flexible) itinerary is as follows:

August 10th (Pittsburgh or Cleveland)
August 11th (Chicago or Madison)
August 12th (Minneapolis)
August 13th somewhere in North/South Dakota
August 14th somewhere in Montana
August 15th somewhere in Idaho/Utah/western Oregon
August 16th Portland
August 17th Seattle

Help us secure our timeline and tell us what we should see!!!  See you on the open road!

Colby Keller & Karl Marxxx Do America!


  1. I can offer you free* 5-star accommodations on August 12th at my condo. Conveniently located near downtown Minneapolis!

  2. Ooo, when you're in Madison, check out this statue at Atwood/Division ( - boobies on bottom, cock on top!). Then check out Dr Evermore ( before you hit the nudist Mazo Beach. God, I sometimes miss living there.

  3. Attempt to schedule a report from the Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD! It's the middle-west equivalent of St Basil's(well, sort of), and it's made or decorated with nothing but corn! Or is it maize?

    Then it's a mere 6 hours leg to what may arguably be the largest phallus in the U.S. of A en route to MT, Devils Tower; it's both tall and girthy!
    You can camp there, and perhaps, have a close encounter of the homo kind?

    PS: If time permits, Dinosaur Park is betwixt the two, in Rapid City. It's an old road trip amusement hold over from the 30's. Think Pee Wee's Big Adventure...

  4. You should definitely make your "August 15th somewhere in Idaho/Utah/western Oregon" stop be Salt Lake City, Utah. We have beautiful scenery, are the headquarters of the Mormon church and were recently named one of the gayest US cities by The Advocate. I could also offer some help in finding a venue and accommodations and could possibly think of a few I SEE PENIS sites to see.

  5. If you stop in Chicago on the 11th it's Market Days, which is a gay 'ol time. Certainly plenty of penises, as well as Olivia Newton John.

  6. On attraction in Pittsburgh I think you might like is the Andy Warhol Museum.

    Then there is the Mattress Factory Art Gallery on the north shore.

    Try the Eagle on the north shore or Club Pittsburgh downtown.

  7. Wait, are you doing this in the dune buggy?

  8. Come to Albuquerque, NM do a show at the social club or sidewinders and then you and Karl can stay in my 2 spare bedrooms

  9. Pretty sure you'll be in South Dakota during the Sturgis motorcycle rally...pretty amazing to see.

  10. Go to Pittsbugh, take in the Warhol museum. If you have time drive out to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

  11. Colby, when are you coming to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale?!

  12. Under an hour East of Portland, Rooster Rock State Park. Lewis & Clark called it Cock Rock (as in penis). Site of a nude beach too, though no longer a major gay sex hookup spot (nude families, etc these days).

    I always like the Lolo Pass (US-12) route out of Missoula across Idaho if you have time (thought I-90 through Spokane is nice too).