Friday, July 6, 2012


If there was one reason I moved away from Texas this is it! 

Triple digit temperatures and suffocating humidity-- There hasn't been a day below 99 since I got back to Baltimore a week ago. 

I might not be able to fly back to Berlin anytime soon, where the weather was so nice I needed to buy a leather jacket, but as the decades continue to break the barrier of what's bearable at least I'll have fond memories of gentle summer weather somewhere in the world. 

A special thank you to BSD reader Matt.  Fresh off an 18 hour travel fiasco from Chicago to Berlin, Matt joined me for a leisurely tour of the Stasi Museum and an afternoon snack of horse burgers. You can drink anywhere in Berlin legally, so we bought a bag of booze and hit the lobby of the Axel, Berlin's über-gay boutique hotel with its own in-house hookup app.  After polishing off a litre of Balsam, we snuck up to the hotel's impressive outdoor eagle nest hot tub only to witness two hotel guests wetting each others rocks in the sauna.  You don't have to have sex with Colby Keller to have fun with me. 

I'll save you the full slide show presentation but here is a peak at my eventful day with a jet-lagged fan:

The Axel, (see eagle's nest hot tub)

Axel Ass Ad

Horse Burger (pferdebulette)

Horse burger cafe, directly in front of former Stasi HQ

secret message in a tire 

 East German disco manual

Colby as First Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party Walter Ulbricht

Who says Germans don't have a sense of humor?  The lobby of the Axel.  

Straight from Riga-- 24 herbs and spices and 45% ABV: Black Balsam.  According to legend, Catherine the Great was cured by drinking the stuff on an official visit to Latvia.  Perhaps after a long night at the stables?  There you have it.  From horse meat to Catherine the Great and back again, all in a day's visit with Colby. 


  1. Cool photos. What do you call that style? Sort of retro-communist bloc lite? It looks like a great hotel. Your fan was lucky to get to hang out with you. What was the secret message in the tire I looked, but couldn't find it.

  2. Horse burgers? I know it's somewhat common 'over there', but uh, yeah, I'm officially skeeved.

  3. is the crows nest clothing optional, or are bonobos & raincoats required?