Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 "Bad Boiz"

It was hot as balls again in the back alleys of Baltimore.  Cop Dad: single father, hardworkin', hardrinkin', hardfuckin'-- beating the heat, working his meat, on the street.  He's a brilliant cop with a troubled past and scars that run deep.  When a cold case is reopened, he'll find out that the ties that bind can also thrill.  This city has secrets.  So does his past.  He's on the trail of a serial monogamist . . . with no strings attached.  

For much better writing and a shirt all your own check out COP DAD by "Friend of Colby" Justin.

If you're in LA-LA Land next Monday swing by the Cop Dad launch party at Mustache Mondays.  Cop Dad contributor and pop singer Actually will perform live.
Scroll below to see Cop Daddy Colby on patrol-- short shorts, flip-flops and a grin to win-- bringing 8 inches of warm, hard justice to the bad boiz of Baltimore.  


  1. im a bad boy in baltimore, love to meet cop dad

  2. I'm a cereal bigamist; I eat Cocoa Puffs AND Fruity Pebbles!

  3. I would like to sample your warm hard justice. But I'm not in Baltimore, oh well!

  4. cop dad, arrest me please.......

  5. I'd love to reward this officer of the peace for his tireless service by giving him some service of my own. :p