Friday, July 20, 2012


Where is a time machine when you need one! 

Tsintaosauraus was a hadrosaurid or "duck-billed" dinosaur that lived in present-day Shandong province in southern China during the late Cretaceous period, some 80 million years ago.  Palaeontologists initially thought the strange unicorn like protrusion from the animal's head was simply a broken part of the original specimen's jaw.  Subsequent discoveries confirmed the presence of an unusual phallic crest, making Tsintaosauraus a distinct genus from other, more common crestless hadrosaurs.  Some believe that air sacs, similar to those used by frogs to make loud calls, connected the boney protrusion to the nasal cavity.  Unlike similar duck-billed dinosaurs with crests, the protrustion was not hollow, leading some paleontologists to doubt Tsintaosauraus used the protrusion to project sound like a horn.  

Thanks to BSD reader Matthew for the submission.

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