Tuesday, July 31, 2012


If you haven't had a chance to watch last week's sexpert video on the Manhunt Daily blog, check it out soon.  A new video posts tonight and I thought last week's was quite fun.  You'll definitely want to be caught up as the videos will be posting weekly on Tuesday night throughout the rest of the summer.  And boy do I have some answers for you people.  As always, leave questions in the comments and I'll try to get to your pressing sexual concern!


  1. One of the best orgies I've ever been to was in Chicago during International Leather Weekend 2005. It was held in a suite at a hotel not very far from the Leather festivities, and ALL of Colby's tips were played out. The hotel room was actually a suite about the size of 5 regular hotel rooms, with 3 bathrooms (extremely clean the whole night)so there was plenty of room for all sorts of fun. Clothes Check was a great service that was offered, in which you could check none to all of your clothes. Toys were kept at a bare minimum, after all, there were plenty of actual living, breathing toys to go around. About 30 people were there, some came in shifts (about 100 guys total throughout the 8 hours of a timeframe) all of which were screened about 2 months prior via email to prove identity and authenticity, meaning if someone was interested, the host needed to know that their online face & body was actually what the orgy was going to get in real life. (This was before widespread texting, so you couldn't get invited at the very last minute, or just bag at the last minute either) It was important to have a variety of types for all to enjoy. Water was provided free, and the only alcohol available was BYOB beer-- no kegs rolling into the party there! It was a great time for all, and look forward to attending another one soon. ArlScorp92@yahoo.com

  2. Wow Colby, I feel so educated now. Cheers for this

  3. this is hilarious and fantastic.