Friday, August 3, 2012


When I get the rare opportunity to travel, I put any dietary restrictions aside (not that I have many to speak of) hit the streets and start exploring.  This week in Vancouver, I had some of the best hotdogs I've ever eaten (see yesterday's Japadog post).  Today I had the pleasure of ticking off a few gastronomic firsts.  I began the adventure with a delicacy native to Canada's eastern shore-- Québécois "Poutine": french fries drenched in gravy and topped with cheese curd.  I ordered a slightly more protein intensive version "Poutine Galvaude" with chicken and peas.  La Belle Patate, smack dab in the middle of Vancouver's gayborhood, boasts 30 different varieties of the French-Canadian gut busting treat.  

Next I went for a walk in Vancouver's massive Stanley Park.  Surrounded by water, the entire park is blanketed with huge expanses of wild berry patches.  In addition to some delicious huckleberries (which resemble blueberries in appearance and taste), I also managed to score a handful of bright red thimbleberries and pacific trailing blackberries that tasted as sweet as Starbursts.  I've never had a berry better and that's no exaggeration.  A handful was not enough.  With a only partially sated sweet tooth, I walked back up the main gay drag to Transylvanian Traditions, a Romanian bakery, to sample the store's signature "Kürtős Kalács", a lemon flavored chimney cake basted in caramel and coated with walnuts. 

Thankfully, my generous hosts thought well enough to get me a gym pass.  :-)  


Pacific Trailing Blackberries

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Chimney Cake: watch your waste line go up in smoke


  1. I don't think those were huckleberries. That was a salal plant that you took a picture of. Very common here in the pacific northwest.

  2. AS a french canadian, nothing beats the traditional poutine!!!!

  3. Chimney cake? Do you eat it or sit on it? #ISeePenis

  4. That cake looks a bit like a doughy fleshlight.

    And me loves la Poutine!!

  5. wow, I've never thought I'd see Colby Keller eating kürtős kalács :) it's delicious, innit, love? :)

    hugs from Hungary.

  6. great to meet you last night. hope your early flight didn't stop you from partying. too bad you couldn't've stayed for the whole weekend. continued success man. cheers.

  7. I'm going to enjoy seeing Colby wear Kirsie Alley rompers and Delta Burke muumuus.

  8. Well, if you come to Chicago on the eleventh, we've a place right by the Leather Archives.

    Cake and cockrings, or better yet, cake AS cockrings!

  9. Colby, I'm a real fan, and I'm kind of ashamed to ask you, but I have fallen in love to this picture I found in your blog ( )!

    I don't know what is it about it, so exotic, I would like to ask if you could take more picture of you with your balls hanging out, or have a bigger version of this one?

    Thank you so much, I know people probably ask you for stuff everyday, but still, thanks a lot just for reading. Love this blog.

  10. You HAVE to come to Québec, the home of the real poutine! :-)