Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm in Vancouver this weekend to celebrate Pride, and host my very own party, Tubesteak, thanks to Dixx magazine and the beautiful boys of America's semi-Socialist neigbhor to the north.  What a better way to start off the festivities right than with my very own wiener.  

Vancouver based Japadog boasts some of the best meat treats on the Western seaboard, including exclusive Kurobuta sausage-- made from the juiciest, tastiest pig in the world: the British heritage breed Black Berkshire hog.  While it's hard to pass up Kurobuta, I couldn't resist the edamame stuffed "terimayo", topped with Kewpie mayo and shredded nori (seaweed paper).  And OMG FUCK.  It was good.  If shushi didn't put Japan on the culinary map, these hotdogs would.  Best ever.  

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  1. Damn it! And I turned down an invite to come to Vancouver this weekend. Never again. :( Come To Edmonton after! It's only a quick flight east, and lot's of fun. ;-D