Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Big Green Machine!


  1. It's mean, it's green, and Annette lost her virginity in the "way back"!

  2. If you swing through Tacoma, don't miss the "LeMay Auto Museum" (next to the Tacoma Dome) - 1,000s more like this & better. Worth the side trip!

  3. My family had a Chevrolet station wagon just like that, and my parents drove it until the floorboards rusted out. It was scary, as a kid, to see the road moving underneath your feet! We used to take it to the drive-in movie theater, with the back seat down. The mattress off my parents' bed just fit perfectly in the back, and my dad could park the wagon just right so that my brother and I could watch the movie from the back. Then, if we were tired, we went to sleep, and my parents could stay for the second feature!

    I saw "North by Northwest" and "The Ten Commandments" for the first time from the back of that Chevy wagon.

    Great times! Thanks for bringing back the memories, Colby.

    By the way, may I say that you are looking exceptionally HOT and SEXY these days!

    Fondly from Randal in KC