Monday, August 6, 2012


The original poster for the film at the 55th Street Playhouse

It's official!  It's "Boys in the Sand" week here on Big Shoe Diaries.  Both Colby and Dale are out on Fire Island, along with Dirk Caber, Josh West, Jake Deckard, Ray Dragon, Kyle King, Christopher Daniels, and David Anthony re-envisioning the iconic 1971 film by Wakefield Poole, Boys in the Sand.

If the actors who appeared in this incredibly financially successful film had hand held cameras and wireless, one can only imagine the antics they got up to off-screen, like this attached gif of Colby "rimming" some poor guy sunbather on the beautiful Fire Island beaches. 

And for those of you not able to get to the beach anytime soon, here's another way to enjoy the Lazy Sunbathers:


  1. Well, that's it. I don't know that there's any higher goal for you to aspire to. And Dale Cooper, too. My. I'm not sure my blood pressure is going to be able to take this movie.
    By the way, I've met Jake Deckard and liked him a lot.

  2. Colby, I'm a real fan, and I'm kind of ashamed to ask you, but I felt in love to this picture of you with your balls hanging out I found in your blog:

    I don't know what is it about it, so exotic! I would like to ask if you could take more picture of you with your balls hanging out, or have a bigger version of this one?

    Thank you so much, I know people probably ask you for stuff everyday, but still, thanks a lot just for reading. Love this blog!

  3. Is this to be released as a Christmas blockbuster, opening opposite Les Misérables???

    Who's the luck soul blessed with the task of plowing our dear Dale?

  4. Oh my Colby! That's pretty incredible,plus you,Jake Deckard,David Anthony and Kyle King?? Awesome <3

  5. I just met Wakefield Poole at an opening of a documentary about his career and this film. He's a real class act and surely would love to see you guys in this version

  6. Presto - do you think Wakefield would be open to doing an interview with Big Shoe Diaries??

  7. He probably would be, he's a very nice gentleman.