Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Colby sees you!

I've finally worked my way back home from a summer of fun and travel: Berlin. . . New York. . . Vancouver. . . New York. . . Chicago. . . Minneapolis. . . Billings. . . Seattle. . . Vancouver. . . New York. . . . . . Baltimore.

 Phew!  A special gigantic thank you to BSD Minister of Propaganda Karl Marxxx for helping me set up spanking stations across the country and for managing to squeeze in a few posts while I've been gone.  Without his help, I'd be stuck in the desert with a paddle with no name.  


  1. Glad you guys are finally home!

    And that is so not your ass. Hopefully.

  2. We sure missed you in Portland, my friend! What do we have to do to get you here for some fun?

  3. Poor rubber duckie! That's what happens when you get to close to the vortex that is, I presume, Colby Keller's asshole... Whooosh!!!!

  4. Poor Duckie, this was not his intended purpose. He looks so sad.