Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Fresh off my pan-American spanking tour, fellow Randy Blue performer Dale Cooper contributes this erotic quiz based on his recent reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's classic "Thus Spake Zarathustra".  

Test your knowledge of the classics with your knowledge of classic porn.  For the answer key, check out Dale's blog, Dale Does Porn

Quiz: "Thus Spake Zarathustra" Chapter Title or Pornographic Film?
1. The Great Longing
2. Out of Service
3. Dark Dreams
4. Self-Surpassing
5. Market of Flesh
6. The Ass-Festival
7. Seven Lives Exposed
8. Daughters of Discipline
9. Among Daughters of the Desert
10. Boys in the Sand
11. A Few Good Men
12. The Ugliest Man
13. The Surprise of a Knight
14. Chastity
15. Manly Prudence
16. Centurions of Rome
17. Beads from a Petal
18. The Honey Sacrifice
19. Strange Places, Strange Things
20. Neighbour-Love
21. Angel Guts
22. Violated Angels
23. Old and Young Women
24. Joys and Passions
25. In the Happy Isles
26. Involuntary Bliss
27. Slave Widow
28. Behind the Green Door
29. Backworldsmen
30. Let Me Tell Ya 'bout Black Chicks

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  1. Hopefully, no well intentioned 81 y/o comes along to restore the above fresco!